Making Waves :: New Romanian Cinema is the leading comprehensive US festival dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the best in Romanian contemporary cinema, as well as rarely seen classics. From its start in 2006, the Romanian Film Festival in New York was nourished by the belief that the Romanian cinema deserves to be exposed on a sustainable basis to American audiences.

Now, New York’s longstanding Romanian film festival comes for its 12th edition to the BAMcinématek, with an exclusive program which blends the award-winning works of a brand new generation of talents—including a Balkan Coen-esque thriller, a zany social comedy, and a quiet backwater drama—plus a spotlight on Anca Damian, one of the most compelling Romanian directors working today who has forged a singular path with her visually arresting documentary, narrative, and animation hybrids or her intellectually challenging fiction films.

Guests of this year’s festival include directors Anca Damian (this edition’s director in focus), Paul Negoescu (Two Lottery Tickets) and Emanuel Pârvu (Meda or The Not So Bright Side of Things), as well as actor Anghel Damian (In Perfect Health) and producer Miruna Berescu (Meda or The Not So Bright Side of Things).
As well as introducing these filmmakers’ voices to U.S audiences, Making Waves aims to help them connect to, and network within, the American film industry. With this in mind, an industry event will also accompany the festival screenings and gala events.

Corina Șuteu, Festival President, says, “BAMcinématek is the ideal place to put new talent on stage, but also to start a meaningful conversation about the similarities and differences between the Romanian and American film industries. Having a strong platform and a reputation established in New York, Making Waves reinvents itself in 2017 at BAM.”