Marona – among the „Must-See Animated Features at Annecy 2019”

Publish Date: June 6, 2019
Author: Chris Robinson

Marona’s Fantastic Tale (Anca Damian, Romania/France/Belgium)
Anca Damian’s third feature is a departure from her splendid animated documentaries (Crulic, The Magic Mountain). At death’s door after being struck by a car, a small dog remembers her various owners: a tightrope walker, construction worker and his facile spouse, and a young girl and her family. Though they are all different, and sometimes not so pleasant, the dog loves them all. And that’s really what is at the core of the film: love. That we should strive to see the beauty in everyone. A tad naïve perhaps, but that’s certainly a vibe we could all use these days.

What elevates the work beyond being a trite little tear fest (and, yes, you will feel weepy at the end) is the vibrant animation and backgrounds. Matching the unpredictable and erratic life of our canine protagonist, the backgrounds are intense, vivid dreamscapes that capture a raw, blinding and disorientated existence that fuses memory, nightmare and dream.

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