With ‘Marona’s Fantastic Tale,’ Director Anca Damian Depicts The World As Experienced By A Dog, Examining Themes Of Empathy & Connection

Source: Deadline.com
Publish Date: January 01, 2020
Author: Matt Grobar

[…] In part, Damian says, the goal was to “get the perception of empathy and love without limits that a dog can give.” At the same time, the director adds, the film had a lot to say about human beings, who “have more dreams, more thoughts, more wishes, and more sense-blocking obstacles to feel real love and empathy for the world around us.”

Written by the director’s son, Anghel Damian, the GKIDS drama picks up with a dog after an accident, as she recalls all the masters she’s lived with over the years. For the director of Marona’s Fantastic Tale, the concept for the visuals emerged simultaneously with the script—connected fundamentally to the themes she was exploring and the story she was telling. […]

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