A Dog’s Heart – Marona’s Fantastic Tale

Source: supamodu.com
Publish Date: February 04, 2020
Author: Katya Kazbek

Abstract art meets unconditional love in an animated film about a dog’s history living with humans: a dazzling all-age feature from Romanian auteur and an international team of visual artists

When Marona, a mutt with a heart-shaped nose, is hit by a car, she retells the fascinating story of her short but eventful life leading up to the fateful encounter with the moving vehicle. The offspring of a brief affair between a “racist” but smitten Dogo Argentino and a mixed-breed dog, Marona, has had her share of sadness, hunger, and homelessness.

[…] Anca Damian is a Romanian filmmaker and animator who rose to prominence with her 2011 animated feature “Crulic”, a disquieting account of a man accused of a crime he didn’t commit wasting away in a prison hunger strike. She had also made a bunch of non-animated features, all of them dealing, in their own way, with the entanglements of human lived history. “Marona’s Fantastic Tale” is her first foray into age-inclusive cinema, inspired by Damian’s experience with a stray dog she found roaming the streets of Budapest. Also named Marona, the dog stayed with Damian and her friends before finding her forever home and had affected every household that she became a part of. Damian co-wrote the screenplay based on the original idea with her son, Anghel Damian, who is an actor. […]

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