Cartoon Movie 2020: Six Most-Anticipated Titles

Publish Date: March 8, 2020
Author: Ramin Zahed

[…] What do you do after dazzling global audiences with your highly artistic movie about a dog’s complicated life and owners? If you are Romanian director Anca Damian (Marona’s Fantastic Tale), you dive into something entirely different—like a post-modern, widely imaginative and outrageous take on Robinson Crusoe. This new venture promises to be a fever dream packed with potent images commenting on a wide range of contemporary subjects.

“In this re-interpretation of a post-colonial story, our Robinson is a doctor and Friday is the only survivor of a lost boat in the Mediterranean,” explained Damian. “It’s a surreal augmented reality world as we see Robinson trying to adjust the world with his digital tablet.”

Along the way, the story’s protagonist encounters some very modern mermaids, mutant animals, Burning Man-style pirates, a solar eclipse and a character called Grandmother Nature. Did we mention that The Island is a musical, with songs by Alexander Balanescu and Ada Milea. The script is by Damian and Augusto Zanovello. Art direction is by Gina Thorstensen who also worked on Marona. The film is a co-pro between Aparte Film (Romania) and Take Five (Belgium). With a 1.6 million euro budget, The Island is looking at a January 2021 release. This is definitely not your father’s animated movie! […]

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