Marona’s Fantastic Tale presented at Cleveland International Film Festival.

Like almost all festivals, Cleveland International Film Festival moved online and the selected movies are available for public only on a special website. “Marona’s story begins at the end, when after an accident, she takes a moment to tell her story; a story filled with beauty, adventure, hardship, and love.The viewers are transported from the end to the beginning when, after being abandoned in Paris as a puppy, Marona is scooped up by an acrobat who shows her the city and teaches her how to dream. From there, Marona will em”bark” on a journey to find happiness and belonging in a film all ages are sure to enjoy. Featuring a mesmerizing expressionistic animation style, MARONA’S FANTASTIC TALE weaves together the life story of a sweet little dog with a very big heart. (In French with subtitles) — G.S.” See Details