New Trailer for Animated ‘Marona’s Fantastic Tale’ About a Stray Dog

“I fell in love with my human’s scent.” GKids has unveiled the new official US trailer for the indie animated film titled Marona’s Fantastic Tale, made by Romanian filmmaker Anca Damian (A Very Unsettled Summer, Moon Hotel Kabul) with graphic design by Brecht Evens.

This French feature premiered at the Annecy Film Festival last year, and is finally getting a virtual release this summer. The film is about a little dog who, at the end of her life, looks back on her life and tells the story of her various owners. She has loved them all unconditionally, but of course life hasn’t always been easy. The film is beautiful not only because it’s told from the perspective of a dog, but also due to the strange, entrancing, imaginative animation style that mixes techniques to create something unique. Featuring the voice of Lizzie Brocheré as Marona. It’s a rather lovely one-of-a-kind film that I’ll recommend to intrepid fans of cinema.

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