MARONA’S FANTASTIC TALE – Review by Leslie Combemale

Publish Date: June 3, 2020
Author: Leslie Combemale

Romanian director Anca Damian and screenwriter Anghel Damian, in partnership with Belgian artist Brecht Evens, have created a whimsical, moving animated feature that is truly artistry in motion. Whether it is something children should see, depends on their maturity and sensitivity, since the story starts with the central character, a mixed-breed pup alternately named Nine, Ana, Sara, and finally Marona, being hit by a car. She contemplates her life as she lays dying in the middle of a busy highway.

This dog (voiced by Lizzie Brocheré), who has ears that look like wings, takes the audience through her life, and her experiences with the humans she lives with, alternately warming and breaking your heart with her embrace of momentary joys, and her often unanswered searches for love.

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