Marona’s Fantastic Tale Vibrantly Animates Life From a Dog’s Perspective

Publish Date: June 9, 2020
Author: Reuben Baron

More than anything, the film looks like no other film you’ve seen before. Just as Marona herself is a mutt of who knows how many breeds, the artistic DNA of Marona’s Fantastic Taleappears to spring from a menagerie of disparate sources: Terry Gilliam, Billy Plympton, SquiggleVision, Dumbo’s “Pink Elephants” sequence, Loving Vincent. Sometimes it’s beautiful, other times it’s frightening. Often it’s both. In Brecht Evens’ art direction, the hand-painted and crayon-scribbled co-exist with the digital; the animation ranges from extremely fluid to hyper-limited, at times in different elements of the same shot.

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