Reviews: Marona’s Fantastic Tale

Publish Date: June 12, 2020
Author: Roger Ebert / Matt Zoller Seitz

This is a French-Romanian coproduction, and while it might seem like overdoing it to call the movie existential, the word fits. This is a movie about existence, about the necessity of moving through life as best you can knowing that everybody gets the same ending. And it’s about the ordinary, often wrenching truth of what it means to live, age, and die, leaving behind a legacy of love and regret, if not always children or grand achievements. When you hear the phrase “a dog’s life,” it is often framed in a sad, dismissive or smug, way, as in, “I wouldn’t wish that kind of life on a dog.” But what does that say about the value that humanity actually places on dogs? A dog’s life and a human’s are equally valuable to the creature who’s living it.

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