The Filmmaker Anca Damian is Searching for the Truth with Animation

Publish Date: July 27, 2020
Author: Turku Animated Film Festival

„Animation makes visible the things that are invisible when you are only looking at their appearance”, says Anca Damian. Her animated documentary Magic Mountain will be shown on Thursday 27th of August in Manilla, Turku. She’ll also work as a tutor in TAFF Pro in the workshop for Finnish projects in development that combine documentary style and animation. We phoned her and spoke about the union of animation and documentary, for example.

–I tend to say this a lot: documentary doesn’t really exist. I mean in the pure sense of the word, says Anca Damian, a documentarian herself.
–Documentary states ”this is reality”, but reality is infinite in space and time, so every choice you make is constructing only your vision of it.

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