Anca Damian Interview: Art Is Thinking Why We Are Alive (Indie Online 2020 Project)

Publish Date: January 14, 2021
Author: ZF Team

How do you navigate a world of altogether digital content as an animation professional? What are the opportunities and the mishaps that are awaiting for you in this all-inclusive, ever-penetrating online world? These were some of the questions that initiated the Indie Online 2020 Research project, headed by Michelle Kranot, and supported by The Animation Workshop / VIA University College, Center for Animation, Visualization and Digital Storytelling, Denmark. A more comprehensive overview of animation professionals and their attitude towards this during the (March) lockdown, their aspirations and decisions were also sought and recorded -before being qualified and quantified.

[…] Our first guest is Romanian animation director Anca Damian (Crulic, The Path to Beyond; The Magic Mountain; Marona, A Fantastic Tale)

VK: Let’s turn back the clock to go to March 2020. Your feature animation project The Island was presented as project in production at CARTOON Movie, the last of the major animation events to take place physically.

AD: And now the film became a reality. When I started the movie, I put it in the near future. And the future just came quicker than I imagined. Everything has a particular fate and it was so connected with our lives.. I became like my main character Robinson Crusoe. I’m not just making films as a profession; I’m involved with my own life in doing films. This was exactly what happened with this film.[…]

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