Both films, The Island and Starseed in the top pics of Zippy Frames!

Publish Date: March 15, 2021
Author: Vassilis Kroustallis

The Island “It is an immersive experience into a solitude trip, populated by so many unknown souls that make the eponymous hero’s journey almost unbearable -but thanks for the music and the invention of its artistry, it a tragedy that can be enjoyed. It is not that we have not seen before all that Anca Damian and her artistic director Gina Thornesten put in front of the screen; yet all materials and designs remotely remind of a disinct cultural past, like an arc of civilization which needs to save everything valuable in the Island, before Mother Earth arrives. The Island looks daring in its premise, unique in its compositions, and as familiarly poetic and elusive as your next mermaid.

Starseed Anca Damian (Crulic, Marona) boards, in her 4th animation feature, a story of Geekisde, a Zimbabwe albino girl to talk not about diversity, but about inclusion in an all-encompassing Earth -and the environment beyond Earth. Based on a reported UFO encounter in Zimbabwe, the 3D story uses the narrative tool to create a character with a longing for what is beyond her familiar surroundings, physical and personal. Anca Damian aims for a penetrating field research into the connecting tissue of humans and other living beings -in a family format; the first tests of hypnotic nature (art director: Gina Thorstensen) confirm her intentions.

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