Cartoon Movie 2020: Six Most-Anticipated Titles

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Publish Date: March 8, 2020
Author: Ramin Zahed

If you were to judge the health of the European animation feature industry by the quality of the projects presented at the latest edition of Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux (March 3-5), the industry is faring quite well: There are many interesting, innovative and thought-provoking projects made for both family and adult audiences in the pipeline. We were fortunate to catch some of these presentations at the event.

Cartoon movie 2020 top picks

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Publish Date: March 7, 2020
Author: Vassilis Kroustallis

Here's our report of the major European pitching event for animation features, CARTOON Movie, and the projects that we highlighted during the event. (...) Anca Damian's The Island (in development) and Even Mice Belong in Heaven (in production) by Jan Bubinecek and Denisa Grimmova are two of the most prominent examples of what is to come for this region in the upcoming years, even though co-productions like the Czech participation (Maur Film) in Florence Miailhe's The Crossing are a case in point.

Cartoon movie 2019 : 9 projets à suivre, signés Claude Barras, Anca Damian (The Island), Sébastien Laudenbach ou encore Mirai Mizue

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Publish Date: March 21, 2019
Encore à l'état de concept (bien avancé, cela dit, vu ce que la réalisatrice nous a montré de son animatique), The island est une forme de comédie musicale inspirée de Robinson Crusoé, sur fond de crise des réfugiés.