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In Perfect Health

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Andrei, a young lawyer, while facing the violent death of his father, a well known judge, begins a Hamletian quest in search of the truth.

Project Details

  • Genre: Fiction Film
  • Status: In post production
  • Cast:  Vlad Ivanov as Toma Dorneanu, Anghel Damian as Andrei Dorneanu, Olimpia Melinte as Ioana, Cristina Florea as Elena
  • Director: Anca Damian
  • Script: Lia Bugnar & Anca Damian
  • Director of Photography: Oleg Mutu
  • Art Director: Alma Aexandra Ungureanu
  • Editing: Ion Ioachim Stroe
  • Sound: Frédéric Théry, Jacek Pajak
  • Sound mix: Cristinel Sirli
  • Producers: Anca Damian, Guillaume de Seille
  • Production: Aparte Film, Arizona Productions with the support of the Romanian National Centre for Cinema
  • With the participation of: HBO Romania, Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union

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