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Moon Hotel Kabul (long feature)

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What is our real relationship with the truth? How much of our personal comfort are we willing to give up for it? Which truth is “dangerous” to others? Ivan Semciuc (a journalist), a charismatic man nonetheless, guilty only of cynicism and lack of compassion seems to be the ideal key for opening this scenario’s Pandora’s box. Comfortably acclimated to his profession, being an investigative journalist, he’s got the confidence of a man who knows how to produce “heroes” and to make stories into fairytales. A seemingly meaningless rendezvous, in a hotel room in Kabul, with Ioana (a translator who is not, at least at first, remarkable in any way) produces a vital revolution in Ivan’s unshakeable process of living. A night of words and sex and after Ivan’s arrival back to Bucharest, Ioana is found dead, with her wrists cut. Putting his routine on hold, Ivan starts living in the absent presence of Ioana, who is starting to be more vivid in death than in life.

Ivan Semciuc is a charismatic and cynic journalist. At the end of a mission in Kabul, he has a seemingly meaningless one-night sex with Ioana, a translator. The next day, back in Bucharest, he learns that she has been found dead, with her wrists cut. Ivan’s unshakeable process of living starts a vital revolution as Ioana becomes more vivid in death than in life.

Project Details

  • Genre: Fiction Film
  • Status: Completed
  • Director: Anca Damian
  • Script: Lia Bugnar, Anca Damian
  • Photography : Dominic Colin, Editing Basile Belkiri
  • Sound: Frederic Thery, Cristinel Sirli
  • Music: Romain Trouillet
  • APARTE FILM in coproduction with CINÉMA DEFACTO, coproducers TOM DERCOURT, SOPHIE ERBS
  • With the support of Romanian National Center of Cinema, Cinema du Monde, Institut Francais, Eurimages, Creative Media, Zdrovit Romania, Orange Romania, Motion Pictures Management.

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