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The idea of this script came to me while reading about a real fact: one of the most astonishing UFO witness cases comes from a supposed encounter with over sixty schoolchildren in the town of Ruwa, Zimbabwe, on September 16th , 1994. The children claimed to had seen multiple hovering objects that resembled what we would describe as spaceships. Two beings allegedly came out of the craft and were seen by children.

Some of the children were asked what they got from this experience. One of them answered that the extraterrestrials were here on Earth to tell us that “we don’t look after the planet properly.” A child was stricken with a horrible feeling and terrifying vision that the world might end, and that “all the trees would go down and nobody would be able to breath.”

The main character of the film, Geekisde, is a rather “unusual” African girl, being born with albinism. Being different from the rest of the African population, and even from her own mother, this girl has an exceptional destiny ahead of her. Living under constant fear of death for the miraculous power ascribed to her blood, Geekisde is capable of making the ultimate sacrifice.

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