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The Faun


André, deserts on order to find his missing twin sister, Fernande. In Paris he continues his double quest: find Fernande… and become Fernande… both on stage as in the city. Little by little, the latter seems to supplant the former: André feels more and more like a woman. Furthermore, he is assigned by Nijinsky to dance in the place of his twin sister in the controversial show “The Faun”. At the heart of this troubling confusion of sexes, feelings and personalities, André finally manages to perform with Nijinski a sensual and violent duo of love and death.

The Faun is inspired by real events and characters from the time of the first WW.

The script focuses on the identity theme, having as a main character a man who is searching his twin sister whom he loves. As he deserts the army, he first disguises himself in his twin sister, starting also to identify him with her. As she was a dancer in Nijinsky company, he takes also her place and the genre confusion is enhanced by rehearsing in a avant-garde show of those times “The Faun”. The identity theme starts to mingle with the love and the death.

Project Details

  • Genre: Fiction Film
  • Status: In Development
  • Director: Augusto Zanovello
  • Script: Augusto Zanovello, Charles Finck

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The Faun

December 6th, 2018|News, The Faun|

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